Get out, get going!

Shomini Sen

We all plan special days for our loved ones. Be it for our lover, parents or siblings. But when it comes to planning a special day for our dear friends, we somehow are at a loss. Considering the fact that most of our good moments of life are spent with friends, we hardly make that extra effort to make them feel special on a day dedicated to friendship.

A mere phone call or a message wishing your buddies is probably not enough and it’s passé. If we can celebrate Mother`s Day and Father`s Day and all other days in between, how about making this Friendship Day extra special for your friend? A day that they can remember for the rest of their lives!

At Spicezee, we give you top 5 things to do this Friendship Day. Here they are:

Head out: Friendship Day always falls on the first Sunday of August which is ideal as planning a quick weekend getaway won’t be that difficult. Head to the nearest exotic place with your friend and enjoy the quietness away from the bustling city life. Not only can you catch up and spend some quality time together, but you could even do some fun things together and add to that photo book! You could plan the trip with an entire group of friends as well. As they say, more the merrier!

For thrills: How about going for para-sailing with your best buddy this Friendship’s Day? Or go bungee jumping? These activities can easily be done in every city. All you have to do is convince your friend to come along.

Movie marathon: Call your friend over to your place and watch your favourite films back to back - the ones that you and your friends swear by. Order in food and just park yourself on the couch and watch your favourite tales with your favourite chum. Or if you are lucky enough, you might get to watch the latest blockbusters in a multiplex back to back.

Paintball fight: We all love getting messy once in a while, don’t we? Indulge in some paintball fight and paint your opponent blue and green with colours. Head to the nearest paintball parlour with your friend and make a team of two and shoot tiny little paintballs at your opponent. You could also try out go-carting. Get outdoorsy this Friendship’s Day.

Laugh it out: Friends share a common sense of humour and what better way to celebrate your friendship by laughing your guts out to your favourite stand up comic. Look out for listing in the local paper; you are bound to find a show which will tickle your funny bone.

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