I am just a good guy: SRK

Shah Rukh Khan continues to be the heartthrob of millions. In an exclusive chat with Swati Chaturvedi on her chat show Kahiye Janab, the mega star SRK and Don-2 producer Ritesh Sidhwani, who is basking over the glory of his latest flick talk about the movie and King Khan shares some facets of his life which were not in public domain so far.

Swati: What is the biggest USP of Don-2?

Ritesh: The most interesting point about Don-2 is that it is a sequel made on a negative character. It is a character which has become iconic. People wanted to know more about the character. There was an excitement in people’s mind regarding the Don.

It took five years to complete the remake of the movie. We started from where we had left.

Swati: Despite your action makeover, you continue to maintain your romantic image. What is the message you would like to convey to the lakhs of for your female fans?

SRK: I don’t know how to do romance. I feel shy while doing romantic scenes. I am a bad boy who can make love to you.

Swati: You have succeeded in playing the characters of conventional and quintessential lover earlier. But your sudden turn as an action star was unexpected.

SRK: When I started acting in movies at the age of 26, I was feeling very shy in doing romantic characters. In fact I was feeling very veered. Some directors also used to say that I had a very unromantic and unconventional face.

I was from a theatre background. Whatever films I was getting, I never denied. When I was shooting for Daar, I got the offer for DDL. At that time I was 30.

Swati: Shah Rukh was a quintessential romantic hero. But how did the persona of Don fit in him?

Ritesh: When Farhan Akhtar started writing the script of Don-2, the only person who came to his mind was Shah Rukh.

Swati: So the protagonist of the movie, the Don, is a Don for another generation! Or shall we say he is the Don for the 21st century?

Ritesh: The generation accepted Don because SRK’s coolest style has brought in the bad look and it is very good.

SRK: I make bad look good. I make good look good. I am just a good guy.

Swati: When you saw Big B’s Don for the first time, did you imagine that one day you could play the same character?

SRK: Not at all. But Don was my favourite movie during my childhood days.

Swati: You played Rahul in Dil Toh Pagaal Hey. The character became the mould for the whole generation of romance. How is that true?

SRK: When I started doing romantic movies, it was an altogether different experience for me. At that time young actors were being debuted through love stories. My case was different. I was debuted through action movie. But for me doing romantic movie at the age of 30 was very new.

I remember, Yashji telling me if I wanted to be a big star, I should be romantic hero.

During 1990’ romanticism was revisited in bollywood. People were looking for a hero who should respect women and womanhood. That was reflected in the script and direction. I just simply followed the demand of the audience. I am sure the viewers accepted it.

Swati: You have a middleclass sensibility towards women. That was reflected in the romantic movie you have acted. Do you agree with that?

SRK: Absolutely. I have a middleclass sensibility towards women. In addition women trust me a lot. I understand women a lot.

I have never come across with them like a boy. I am always a buddy. I am little sensible towards them.

Swati: What is the most romantic thing which you have done offscreen, not onscreen.

SRK: I have not done anything romantic. Well, I can quote one instance of my life.

At young age I used to be in love with a girl. But the relationship was going to a close and she was on the verge of leaving me.

In Delhi, I was going to drop her at her place in my van. On the way I had put posters from my home to hers reading “Don’t leave me this month. You give me another month. You can leave me next month”. Looking at the posters she reacted, “We are through.”

Gauri was the first girl I asked for dance with me. I married her. I don’t know how to talk to girls. I have never been able to make an advance at a girl.

Swati: When did you realise that you are a mega star?

SRK: People could think that it is my humility or modesty, but honestly I have not realised it so far.

After becoming a star my behaviour is very normal. I am like that only. My friends, my families say I have not changed a bit.

Swati: Who is the biggest star in your home?

SRK: My son and my daughter

Swati: How you differ parenting your children from that of your parents?

SRK: I would like to be like my father. He was very gentle, highly educated and indeed a very good friend of mine.

During my childhood days we did not have the money to watch films. My mother was very outspoken. She used to say how can we afford to watch films?

But my father used to bring me to the Kamani auditorium in New Delhi. Sitting at the circle near the Kamani auditorium, my father used to say, “We don’t have money to watch movie. Let’s watch the crowd. Watch the vehicles. Think about a story". It was so exciting. We used to sit down and discuss stories and were coming came back home. That was my upbringing.

Today my children have everything in life. But I want to teach them the simple reality of life. I would like to inculcate that upbringing in my children.

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