I am not just a comic actor: Vinay Pathak

“Marriage is funny. It is like a sweetmeat – neither can you eat it and neither can you let it go”, said Vinay Pathak when he visited Zee News, Noida to promote his new film ‘Tere Mere Phere’.

In a free wheelie, Vinay Pathak talked at length about marriage, his love for cinema and stereotypes to Bikas Bhagat.

Q. Comedy seems to have become your forte. What new thing is Vinay Pathak offering through ‘Tere Mere Phere’?

A. ‘Tere Mere Phere’ is a comical take on marriage. It is a wacky and racy film. It is fun but still not a silly comedy. I am sure everyone would relate with the film, as roughly half the number of Indians are married and the other half is of marriageable age!

Q. Can you share your personal view on the institution of marriage? Also, did your stance on marriage hold any bearing while signing this flick?

A. No...No...(Laughs) It’s nothing of that sort. Marriage, I believe, is a very serious institution and of course contemplating it is always a matter of personal choice. I sign films purely on the basis of the interest that the script generates when it’s narrated to me.

This film as you know has been made by Deepa Sahi, who happens to be my good friend. It’s her debut film as a director. When Deepa narrated the script, I instantly loved it. I liked the way she narrated it to me. And also to let you know, this movie required a lot of traveling and I couldn`t say no to traveling. I love traveling. It just gives me a different kind of high.

Q. Can you talk about your co-stars? After having worked with Lara and Minnisha, you are now romancing Riya!

A. Well, you can say I am just plain lucky working with such beautiful and talented actresses. Riya is so beautiful that one cannot stop looking at her. She is one of the most instinctive actors I know. She switches on just a second before the director says `action`. That took me completely by surprise.

Q. Share with us your experience of working with first time director Deepa Sahi?

A. It was great. She has an incredible way of explaining things. She can narrate a real serious incident in such a manner that it is entertaining. That is what makes this film special. It is fun to have a director who laughs and makes you laugh. It makes the film exciting, entertaining, enticing, and the actors give their best.

Q. Do you think you have got your due in Bollywood?

A. Well, there can be many goals for people in Bollywood like money, fame, but mine was only to be a good actor. I am in the profession of acting only for the love of acting.

Q. And how effective a platform has Bollywood been in showcasing your talent?

A. Oh, it’s been tremendously effective. I do films which tell unique stories which haven`t been told by anybody before. If I have the platform then I feel I should use it to the fullest. And I’m also not just a comic actor. I have made an effort to do films which challenges my talent to the max. I did films like `Johnny Gaddaar`, ‘Dasvadiniya’, `Khoya Khoya Chand`, `Manorama Six Feet Under` and others in which I didn`t play a comic role. So it`s just a misconception that comedy is my forte. I have done much more.

Q. So you do feel that you have been stereotyped in Bollywood?

A. I guess one has to deal with being stereotyped in Bollywood. I don’t strive for a label. I just do what excites me. I don`t have any pre conceived notions about who I want to work with and not. I’m not about the image and more about the story.

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