‘I love you Mommy’ is not enough

Supriya Jha

If you are one of those who find it hard to believe in the existence of God, then today is the day that will help you do so. Because, thankfully man has dedicated the second Sunday of each May to Mothers and the day is celebrated as Mother`s Day.

Even as the world reasons about God’s presence being ubiquitous there stands an indubitable disposition in the creation of a wonderful entity that we call ‘mother’…

And as goes a famous saying, God created mother because he himself couldn’t be everywhere. Very true!

You must try to devote at least an hour today thinking about all those seemingly little things your dear Mommy does for you every day and imagine what can you afford to do without her…

Most importantly, in the first place, you can’t `be` without her…
God created life, you can just wonder how.
But that mom created you, you of course know it.
So, just feel your mom and God is no different.

Isn`t it queer that we have devoted just one day of the year to a person whom we owe all 365 days of each year we live…

And then how do most of us celebrate this special day? We go to an Archies shop, buy a huge Mother`s Day card, buy some apparels for her or may be a make-up kit with the latest, costliest anti-wrinkle cream, and then hand it all to her and get away with a hug and happy Mother`s Day and we think we are the best offspring mom could ever have?

No matter how huge our card is; it can never be compared to her huge huge heart ebbing with but pure innocent love for us.

No matter whatever cosmetics or apparels we get her, it’s only our true feelings for her that can actually make her glow like never before.

In this age of consumerism and cut throat competition, humans have forgotten that they are the only ones who have been gifted with the faculty of feelings. And mothers just like gods crave for feelings, true ones… and nothing more…

So why don’t we pull our hearts out of dormancy and clean a little corner to enshrine the deity called mother.

Instead of splurging on a shopping spree, we can afford to be more generous and swear to devote more quality time with her every day, and think about what makes her happy.

And the best we can ever do to enrapture her is to work on ourselves, be the best we can ever be. Because ultimately it’s us, the children who can really enrich her life!

For, she has created some candles, and lighted them too, she would be cheerful only when we shine back at her to illumine her and get more of that divine smile.

This Mother`s Day, I solemnly request all to start feeling about your mother and love her in true sense.
Because no matter how rich is your wallet, you will always remain poor enough to pay back the debt.

So, it’s not ever enough to blurt out an ‘I love you Mommy’. One has to mean it and prove it. And it’s very easy – thank her every time you breathe. Because Mom is like that life-giving fresh whiff of Oxygen which we breathe every moment but scarcely notice it. But the moment it is gone, we are left suffocating.

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