Bhai means brother to me, says Sanjay Dutt

Deadly Dutt aka Sanjay Dutt is one such actor in Bollywood, whose real life is as interesting as his reel life. From the death of his beloved mother Nargis Dutt to drugs, jail and Bollywood super stardom, Sanjay Dutt has seen it all. Today, Sanjay is happily married to Manyata and is a proud father of twins.

In an exclusive interview with Swati Chaturvedi of on her programme ‘Kahiye Janab’, Sanjay Duttspeaks about his B-town innings, daughter Trishala, wife Manyata and of course, his babies.

Swati: Sanjay, once again welcome to ‘Kahiye Janab’. Right now, I see that you are quite happy. Tell us the three reasons behind your happiness?

Sanjay: First of all, the birth of my twins and of course, my career because I am getting some good projects. I am at complete peace with myself.

Swati: It’s quite strange that people have tried to pull you down and drag your name into controversies. What’s your take on it?

Sanjay: Look, those who do so it’s their job and my job is to give the right answer.

Swati: The kind of image you have in industry, it’s like Sanju Baba, not over-blessed with brain. Do you think that people have taken your undue advantage? Like people ask sombre questions with Shah Rukh and Aamir but when it’s Sanjay, they ask which car do you like…

Sanjay: (Smiles) This is good in a way; I am yet a child, forever young.

Swati: Are you forever young? Are you trapped in an image?

Sanjay: I am not trapped in an image. This is the way I am. I think those who call me Sanju Baba, they keep asking me which car or what food I like.

Swati: In your films like ‘Lage Raho Munna Bhai’, you made Gandhi relevant in today’s times. Everyone is inspired by you. You are cutting across the spectrum. Do you think you have got your due in the film industry?

Sanjay: I have got my due in every role. I am happy with whatever I have done. I was never a part of the number game.

Swati: Don’t you think there is huge religious intolerance in the world around us. Recently, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel was detained and questioned at a US airport and you were denied US visa when you wanted to visit your daughter Trishala’s graduation day.

Sanjay: The US was never like this before. I have myself lived in Jackson, Mississippi, in the US for three years. Earlier, it was a free society, where people used to welcome you. The world has become so strange now.

Swati: When you see the political situation in India – Ayodhya verdict came after 60 years; don’t you think it was better for you that you did not enter politics?

Sanjay: Thank God that I am not in the political web. I am an actor and I am happy being an actor.

Swati: Do you think that the film industry should raise its voice against religious intolerance and injustices?

Sanjay: In my context, it was a great tragedy that I could not meet Trishala on her graduation day. I was told that I had been convicted in the past; that’s why I was denied the visa. I blame them as well as those who convicted me and charged me under TADA.

Swati: What would you like to say to your daughter Trishala?

Sanjay: I love her, she is my best baby. I am proud of her, of what she has done and become. I still remember when she once told me that she wanted to study criminal law and help innocent people like me.

Swati: What would you like to say to your twins?

Sanjay: I am happy to have kids.

Swati: Did you ever think that after so many ups and downs in your life, you will re-marry and have kids?

Sanjay: I wished it and I got it. And I thank God for it.

Swati: Tell us about your happy moments…

Sanjay: Seeing my daughter grow up, marrying Manyata and my twins.

Swati: What would have been if your father Sunil Dutt had been alive today?

Sanjay: Had he been alive, he would have been so happy! He believed in me and everybody knows that I can never be anti-national. I am secular, my mother was a Muslim and my father was a Hindu.

Swati: Don’t you think that people understood you better but media portrayed it otherwise?

Sanjay: Yes, and in that case, there are a lot of similarities between Salman and me. I love Salman as a younger brother.

Swati: Now that you have got stability in your life, when do you think Salman will go for it?

Sanjay: (Smiles) I pray to God and ask him (Salman) to settle down.

Swati: Your favourite film besides ‘Munna Bhai’?

Sanjay: ‘Vaastav’, ‘Saajan’, ‘Sadak’ and ‘Khalnayak’.

Swati: Who is your favourite Khan – Salman, Shah Rukh or Aamir?

Sanjay: Salman for sure.

Swati: What does bhai mean for you?

Sanjay: Brother.

Adapted by: Aman Kanth

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