JLo’s cousin makes her Bollywood debut

Latino beauty Catherina Lopez is the latest foreign import to join Bollywood, and unlike most of the lot, this beauty doesn’t seem to hold a low profile. She is the cousin sister of Hollywood hottie Jennifer Lopez!

Catherina makes her Bollywood debut with forthcoming film ‘Bhindi Bazaar’ in which she is all set to raise temperatures with a hot and sizzling item number.

Here’s a free wheelie with CLo as she came promoting her debut dance number at Zee News:

Q. You know that you are doing an item number in this film, right. So what does an item number mean to you?

A. Oh… An item number I think is something very sexy and at the same time a creatively made dance number to add popularity to a film and I think it’s a fast catching trend here.

Q. You are related to perhaps one of the most talented individuals on this planet, Jennifer Lopez. So are we going to see some of Latino Lopez magic on the Bollywood big screen?

A. Well, Jennifer is a great artist. Yes I love dancing, and the music of Bollywood has always fascinated me. So the moment I got an opportunity to dance here, I grabbed it. And yeah, it’s all in the genes. I am pretty much being a Lopez - naturally talented at dancing. So yeah, it’s definitely a Lopez thing.

Q. Share with us your first shooting experience in India?

A. The first reaction was that I was really thrilled. Earlier I have modeled back in Arizona, but the shooting here is extremely dynamic. I was bit shy in the kind of clothes I’d have to wear during the shoot, as there were so many people on the set. I really thank my director Ankush Bhatt for helping me come to terms with the unit. It was fun and I kind of liked it. I completely loved the music and the moment it went on, I was in my element. There was no stopping.

Q. Bollywood has its ways of singing and dancing around trees and rains. Are you game for it?

A. Why! Hey...I’d like to dance around tress and dance in the rain...I love to get wet (giggles) so hope it happens. And I feel the whole outlook on life here in Bollywood is about happiness and being cheerful, so why not.

Q. Why did you choose Bollywood as your launch vehicle?

A. Because you see…Bollywood is getting global. Many films made here make a mark internationally. A lot of Indian films today are being screened at some real serious and prestigious film festivals abroad. So, kick starting here from Bollywood doesn’t seem like bad idea. In fact, our film ‘Bhindi Bazaar Inc.’ was announced at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

Q. All right let’s quiz you some more about Bollywood?

A. You bet.

Q. Name the film made in India which went on to grab multiple Oscars in 2009?

A. Oh…that’s easy…’Slumdog Millionaire’. You see I love everything about Bollywood. Besides dancing, I would also like to act here and I have been learning Hindi so perhaps filmmakers here would cast me in their films because I would really like to stay here and make my career in Bollywood.

Q. Name some directors you’d like to work here with?

A. I have heard of Aamir Khan. I would love to work in his films.

Q. Who all do you like in Bollywood?

A. I like Katrina Kaif a lot. I think she’s is REALLY beautiful. I have watched ‘Namaste London’ and absolutely adored her in that film. I also like Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra.

Q. You are seen wearing an Indian saree in the item song. What all things Indian did you try?

A. I just loved the saree. There is whole sensuous feel to it. I like wearing sarees now and I even love eating Indian food. You can probably say that I am Indian at heart definitely.

Well, thank you for speaking to Spicezee. Wish you all luck for the future.

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