Michelle Obama-The fashionista

Megha Gupta

Michelle Obama, the first lady of USA, has created her own place in history not just as the wife of President Barack Obama, but as a powerful style icon of the era.

In many ways Michelle is thought to be more popular than her husband, President of USA, Barack Obama, all thanks to her immaculate fashion sense. She has become a source of inspiration for many for the poise and grace with which she carries herself. Michelle is very rightly admired for her elegant dressing by the who’s who in the designing circuit around the world.

Until now, the ladies in contemporary politics exemplified rather simplistic and conservative styling while putting their wardrobe together, but Michelle Obama has changed all that.

Michelle’s stylish legacy is on par with Jacqueline Kennedy, who was well known and highly praised in the fashion world for her dressing sense. Jacqueline Kennedy stormed the world during early `60s with her style icon image. Jacqueline was known as a young, glamorous, elegant style-setting wife of President John F. Kennedy.

Over the decades, fashion consciousness had taken a back seat for the serious business of politics. However, Michelle Obama is the notable departure from the earlier first ladies like Nancy Reagan, Mamie Eisenhower, Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton who were highly conservative about their dressing sense.

While the earlier first ladies always appeared in smart sober business suits and the draping dresses, Michelle surprised onlookers with her elegant and chic skirts.

Previously the first ladies always came to support rules like no fashionable dresses, no skirts etc. But, Michelle seems to have broken all the traditional rules in place by donning the classic off-shoulders dresses that were praised by all.

Michelle’s dressing sense was highly adored in the magazines like Vanity Fair`s International and Harper’s Bazaar. Michelle has been given special recognition in Glamour magazine for her role in highlighting the importance of dressing among women. The stylish Mrs. Obama has also graced the cover of People magazine wearing a beautiful pink dress by Tracey Reese.

The gorgeous Mrs. Obama holds the ability to make pants and the stylish off-shoulders gowns that were once considered to be a taboo for political ladies, though a rage among women all over the world.

Not only Michelle’s bare arms in off-shoulders, but also her baring legs in smart shorts, which she wore during family vacation to the Grand Canyon, was a hot topic of discussion among fashion writers. Her shorts created a flurry of views among people all over the world and the topic was even covered on BBC. Her beachwear that she carried off during her visit to Panama City, Florida, was also a rage among fashion addicts.

When it comes to following conventions, Michelle has emerged as a relieved exception. The lady has changed the long-lasting impression that subtle hues like black, grey, white and beige are the colours for the first ladies. She pulled off bold colours like blue, yellow and purple with such exuberance like nobody else can. She has also impressed many with her self-confidence while carrying colours like pink and orange, strongly detested and avoided by the ladies in her position.

Michelle wore a stylish dress from Narciso Rodriguez`s spring 2009 collection when Barack Obama won the US elections and became the President. Her black and red dress, according to New York Magazine was "one of the most critically acclaimed of New York Fashion Week".

Michelle can sport everything ranging from a highly formal business suit to a chic combo of skirt and t-shirt. She can look her best in every colour ranging from the low-profile shades of black and white to the uber-cool pinks and oranges.

Michelle glowed in a silver-sequined, sleeveless gold and cream gown at the first state dinner hosted by Barack Obama in honour of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Her dress, created by Indian-born US-based designer Naeem Khan, was inspired by Indian culture and was beautifully done with silver overlay and embroidery work. Michelle dazzled in that dress, worn with a matching shawl and elegant silver jewellery.

Her lively and vivacious dressing sense and her fashion-updated looks are eye-openers and quite impressive for people in political circuits around the world.

Michelle not only possesses intelligent dressing sense, but the lady also seems to be unafraid of showing her abilities as a style icon. She is very clever and modern when it comes to her stylish wear. Her effortless and confident dressing sense is neither too sexy nor too self-conscious.

Her demeanour is a mix of urbanity and self-assured style. She surely is a style-personified person. While the lady looks breathtaking in her chic clothing, she lets the simplicity of her choices do all the talking for her style sense. Her dresses and her accessories depicts that her glam quotient is very high.

Her commitment to rather easy and comfortable clothing and accessories depicts her practicality as a busy working mother.

Not only her fashion sense is up to the mark, Michelle also makes a point to give precedence to the qualities of being a beautiful human being. Michelle embodies equal beauty and serenity in her thoughts and actions.

Michelle is probably the most powerful style icon, an inspiration for many and the most beautiful first lady in the history of US politics.

Michelle Obama is surely the lady of the moment.