Move on guys …

Tanu Talwar

They make us twitch and frown every time they come on Telly or silverscreen. Doing weird antics and often mocking at themselves, there are a few celebrities who have gone from strange to weird to completely intolerable. Yet they continue to romance the camera with their attention-grabbing acts. However, it’s time for us to say ENOUGH as we list the celebrities we don’t wish to see or hear about:

Rahul Mahajan: The scion of a known political family, Rahul Mahajan today has become a butt of jokes with everyone taking potshots at him. From being involved in a drug case to being termed as wife basher, Rahul Mahajan makes Rakhi Sawant seem like an angel. Having made a mockery of himself with his dramatics and annoying laughter, Rahul Mahajan needs to find better means to make a living than just throwing up and cashing on his good family name.

Celina Jaitley: This B-town lass might have had a good start in filmdom, but could never move beyond just being a pretty face. Often seen rallying for gay rights, Celina is one of those rare celebs, who uses her so called ‘celeb power’ for worthy reasons. Nevertheless, it’s time Celina stops falling back on acting as a part-time job and takes up social issues as her main concern.

Uday Chopra: He is one of the oldest actors in Bollywood who, even after years in the industry, is considered to be making a debut. Why we say that is because this Chopra scion has single-handedly aborted the Yash Raj Films’ successful run at the Box Office. Cashing upon his home production, Uday Chopra is the perfect scapegoat for YRF to write off their losses.

Dia Mirza: She is a pretty face but that’s just it! Dia Mirza with her mediocre acting skills and diva like demands is seen more at high flying social butterfly parties than in films. Currently in news for her alleged affair with the married Arshad Warsi, this somber lass modestly affirms that she has no projects in hand. Guess, it’s time Dia takes a cue from the lack of assignments and move on.

Eesha Deol: This might be the only list where Eesha Deol has been added by popular choice. Cashing on her family name, Eesha could never really match up to her family acting prowess in the industry. Poor film decisions and the overbearing influence of her mother on her career made Eesha a complicated choice for directors. As a result, this one time promising star has now been collectively written off by industry pundits and viewers.

Bobby Deol: Closely following her step-sister here, Bobby Deol’s nose-diving career in Bollywood is passé. What’s new is that this actor is on the verge of being lashed out of films. His last film ‘Help’ was maybe his last desperate cry to save his tumbling career. But sadly, even that plea was silently snubbed by the audience. It’s only fair that Bobby and Eesha take a cue from Sunny Deol, who though adamantly yet soberly, left Bollywood.

Himesh Reshmaiya: The actor cum singer with a nasal twang, Himesh Reshmaiya is as annoying to ears as he is to eyes. And despite undying criticism for his pitiable acting attempts, Himesh refuses to back out. Churning out one flop after the other, he is quite like a four-year old stubborn kid who won’t take no for an answer. The only difference is that Himesh is not 4 and is several times more irksome!

Raja Choudhary: Better known as Shweta Tiwari’s ex husband, Raja Choudhary perfectly fits the bill of a male chauvinist who takes pleasure in sadomasochism. From getting drunk, hurling abuses at his much popular ex-wife, this wife-basher has been romancing the limelight for all wrong reasons. Nevertheless, living by the mantra that any publicity is good publicity, no extent of media rebuke and public animosity has curbed him from his sleazy antics. It is only about time that we refuse to give such an anti-social personality valuable air time.

Upen Patel: He might be hailed as a model, but Upen Patel, with his poor anglicized accent and buffed up looks, appears more like a body-guard than an actor. After doing numerous side-kicks, it’s time Upen is booted out of filmdom and that too with a no-return ticket. I mean come to think of it, he can’t act, can’t dance and his very presence in the film is hard on the eyes. So, unless filmmakers want to test the audience’s patience, it’s only better that they keep Upen Patel away and out of their projects.