Of Fruits & Figures

Akanksha Sharma

Let me start by confessing that I truly admire people with style. The way you walk, the dexterity with which you push your peeping bra strap, the way you acknowledge others, the way you carry yourself on four inch heels, the quality of your undergarments, the way you clip your frizzy hair, the way you hold your wine glass, your clean and pressed trousers. Ah, the joys of it all!

These are the things that leave me smitten. And you always thought that you can look stylish only by shedding thousand of bucks. Money and style are not related, but most of us think they are. Some people are born with it and some learn with time. Whatever you wear, it should be a seamless part of your personality. Make your own style statement. Do not run the rat race of looking stylish and glam. You can never go wrong with a white shirt and blue jeans… Or a little black dress for that sexy look. You can never go wrong with these two things. They are an all time favourite.

Experiment with your hair. A new hairdo can give you a whole new persona. If you have a bad hair day just side braid your hair, and you are all set to look stylish. For that girl next door look wear very light make up, apply a tinge of Kohl, tie your hair and apply gloss on your lips.

The most important thing is to know your body shape.

Pear shape
This is also known as the ‘A’ or triangle and weight is carried in the hip area.

If you are an ‘A’ then try to distract attention from your hip and lower body. Light on the top and dark at the bottom is an easy way to divert attention to the upper half. Wear high waist loose trousers for that formal look. Avoid tube, pencil and fishtail skirts especially tight-fitting ones that will only emphasise rear.

Hourglass Shape

The hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. They are well proportioned.

Avoid shapeless baggy suits that hide your form, i.e. - Unless you add that magic belt to it. Wear fitted tees with a pencil cut to show your sexy figure. Keep shoulders and hips balanced to show your sexy waist.

Apple Shape

They carry their weight in their middle. Anyone who carves a killer waistline is considered apple shaped.
Short jackets, tight tops are not our friends. Wear long tops and highlight your assets. Wear skinny jeans and flaunt your sexy legs.

Strawberry Shape

Strawberry- shaped ladies have a figure that’s larger on the top than their bottom half because of the broad shoulders and/or big bust in relation to their waist and hips.
Distract attention from your shoulders and divert attention to slender legs. Light on the bottom and dark on the top will keep attention southwards.

Find your correct body shape to discover fashion that can really work wonders for you. To have your own style is as important as having your own identity. No Chanel, no Gucci can give you a true sense of style. It’s you who has to discover your own thing.

Go ahead girls and use the tips to knock the boys off their game!!!

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