‘Raavan’ has been most challenging: Aishwarya Rai

New Delhi: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is surely the most gorgeous face in Bollywood, yet it can’t be denied that the actress had to put in a lot of hard work to create a niche for herself in the industry. In a chat with Spicezee.com’s Swati Chaturvedi on her talk show Kahiye Janab, Ash talked about her latest release ‘Raavan’, her relationship with hubby Abhishek and more.

Here are the excerpts:

Swati: While shooting for ‘Raavan’, you had Abhishek on the sets as a co-star, and then you would have dinner with him back home. Isn’t it like too much of Abhishek?

Aishwarya: No…(Laughs). You’re asking a personal question to get a personal answer now!

Swati: But really, how do you balance your personal and professional life?

Aishwarya: Honestly, there hasn’t been a definite plan for it. Having said that…I’ve been fortunate that opportunities did come my way. But I had to work hard for them and struggle a lot. Really, there’s no substitute to hard work. But for me, that’s a pleasure, because it’s been a passion for me.

Swati: You know, sometime back on this show, Sushmita Sen had said that she can never work as hard as you. What do you have to say to that?

Aishwarya: (Smiles) That’s very sweet of her! But I’d say that she’s just been following her heart. You know you must enjoy what you do. You don’t have to throw yourself in it. Earlier, when I used to do modeling, I was just a student, but when I used to do it, I was like a thorough professional, because I enjoyed it.

Swati: But from being an architecture student to modeling to doing movies in the South – if you look at it, it must have really been a struggle.

Aishwarya: Yeah…but when I say it’s not been easy, that’s how I look at it today. For me, the opportunities are something to work hard on, and made memorable. I’ve had the good fortune to mix the two from the beginning. I would say that I’ve been fortunate to have got the chance to work with the best of filmmakers in the industry.

Swati: So, what’s been your most difficult role so far?

Aishwarya: We’re talking about ‘Raavan’, so that’s what is coming to my mind. Right now, I think ‘Raavan’ has been the most challenging of all the roles I’ve done in the past.

Swati: And is it also because of Mani Ratnam…Mani Sir…are you scared of him?

Aishwarya: No…He’s a friend. You know everyone says that he’s a taskmaster; he’s more like a teacher. He’s somebody who’s looking to create something memorable all the time.

Swati: Who’s better - Abhishek as a co-star or Abhishek as a husband?

Aishwarya: See, husband is a husband! (Laughs) As a co-star, the kind of work, we’ve managed to do together in the recent past, has been good. Each of his co-stars says that he’s fun to work with. But there is a very serious side of him too. And I knew of it before we became a couple. And I would say, that of late he’s been making brilliant choice in terms of the work he’s doing.

Swati: But it must be very difficult for Abhishek to be so grounded despite being the legendary Amitabh Bachchan’s son.

Aishwarya: That’s what’s so wonderful about him. Right from the beginning, he did not use that to any kind of advantage. He always says ‘Of course I’m proud to be his son’. You know, he respects it, he takes pride in it.

Swati: And your relationship with your father-in-law also seems very interesting…you know…you call him Pa..

Aishwarya: Yeah…we’ve a great equation…but we’ve got to attribute it to our family and upbringing.

Swati: Now, what do you have to say about the labels like ‘Abhi-Ash’ or ‘Saifeena’?

Aishwarya: Well, I just think they make for easier writing. I guess it’s a term people use for easy labeling! But yes, wishfully we hope to make a difference together.

Adaptation: Bhavna Khullar


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