Royal Love Story of the new Royal Couple to be

Ridhima Mangal

2001: September

William and Kate met each other when they were both studying in the Department of Creative Arts of Marlborough College of University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Shortly after entering the university, William set his sight on Kate. Her smooth velvety complexion and long loose hair caught the fancy of the prince.

2002: March

William was willing to pay £200 to sit front row in order to watch Kate in black bikini walk down the runway at a student-run charity fashion show at the university.

2002: September

Both William and Kate moved into a house that was located in Fife from the original college hall of residence together. It is noted that their relation did not draw the attention from the Royal Family initially but Kate gained the recognition from the Royal Family later due to a series of charities that she was involved in.

2003: June

Although in an interview Prince William denied the fact that he had already got a girlfriend and he was not serious about anyone, the couple was spotted enjoying a rugby game weeks later. The media caught the couple talking intimately with each other.

2004: March

On a holiday, the pair was photographed skiing together in a famous ski resort of Switzerland. When Prince William was asked when he wished to get married in an interview at that time, he replied, “I don’t want to get married until I’m at least 28 or maybe 30.”

2005: June

Both William and Kate graduated from the University of St. Andrews, and members from both their families participated in the congratulatory luncheon with them. Queen Elizabeth II was also present at the graduation ceremony. And the media reported the event as “the Queen came to see her future granddaughter-in-law”.

2006: December

When Kate showed up at the graduation ceremony held by the military academy where William studied at, everyone started regarding her as the “princess-in-waiting” and also referred to her as “Queen Kate”.

2007: April

The pair split in a peaceful way, as Prince William was determined to recognize the military life as his primary choice and could not commit to marriage so early. Meanwhile news of William’s involvement with other girls also stared doing the rounds at the same time which sort of cemented the break up.

2007: June

The young couple absolutely wanted to give a second chance to their relationship and flew to the Desroches Island to enjoy a romantic holiday together.

2008: April

Kate attended William’s Royal Air Force graduation. The British people endowed the beautiful with a sarcastic nickname – “Waity Kate” indicating that Kate was being made to wait for a marriage commitment from William.

2010: October & November

After the eight-year courtship, Kate Middleton, the girl of elegant temperament and William, the handsome prince decided to stay faithful. They got engaged during their private holiday in Kenya, where Prince William gifted Kate his mother Diana’s engagement ring. On return to London, they announced their engagement to the public as a happy and perfect end for their fairytale-like love story.

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