Seal it with a kiss

Chonmipem Horam

With the season of love in the air once again, embrace your loved ones with the kiss of love, affection, respect and greetings. Let the emotions of the mind ooze the blood of love from your heart and may the two souls become one in the power of love. This Valentine’s Day, let your `KISS` do the talking. Give yourself in and let it take its own course. Express your sentiments of love through various forms of kisses.

Take a look at some of this passionate yet hot and naughty kisses that will melt your heart and you will yearn for more.

-French kiss- An intimate way of smooching via tongue.

-Butterfly kiss- It will leave a fluttering sensation when you and your partner face each other less than a breath away. You just need to open and close your eyelids against your partner.

-Brow kiss- A way of kissing below the brow bone when the other person is sleeping.

-Finger kiss- A seductive way of kissing i,e sucking the fingers of your partner.

-Forehead kiss- A comforting kiss by simply brushing lips across the forehead.

-Earlobe kiss- A gentle way of sipping and sucking the earlobe.

-Cheek kiss- It`s a friendly kiss. Gently rub the lips across the cheek.

-Eskimo kiss- You and your partner face each other less than a breath away and tenderly rub the noses together.

-Fruity kiss- Place a fruit between your lips and kiss your partner and bite the fruit and your partner also do the same until the fruit breaks in half and juice will run into the mouths.

-Hot and cold kiss- A passionate way of licking your partners lip so that they are warm and lightly blowing on them.

-Letter kiss- Sending kisses in a love letter by writing the letter `X` a number of times.

-Talking kiss- Whisper sweet nothings in the partner`s mouth.

-Tiger kiss- Go behind your partners back and grab and bite the neck. Let your partner growl.

-Foot kiss- Suck your partner`s toes and gently kiss the foot.

-Sip kiss- Take your favourite drink and leave a bit on your lip and smooch you partner. It will leave an erotic feeling to your partner.

-Virtual kiss- A way of sending kisses while chatting online by this symbol :-*

-Shoulder kiss- Embrace your partner from behind and kiss the shoulder.

-Nip kiss- While kissing gently bite your partner`s lip

-Neck kiss- Lightly bite all over your partner`s neck.

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