‘Slash’ is a true-blue Rock and Roll album

Aman Kanth

With the release of his debut solo album ‘Slash’, the legendary former lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses is back with a bang in the business of good old Rock N Roll. Slash, the mythical Les Paul slinging, curly haired and top hat wielding axeman, who is known for his incredibly melodious guitar solos in albums like ‘Appetite for Destruction’, ‘Use your Illusion I’, ‘Use Your Illusion II’ and ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ has come out of a long hiatus with a true blue Rock and Roll album, that will surely leave you asking for more.

Produced by Eric Valentine, ‘Slash’ includes former members of Guns N’ Roses era – Izzy Stradlin, Steven Alder and Duff McKagan in addition to multiple musicians like Ian Astbury, Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie, Myles Kennedy, Chris Cornell, Adam Levine, Andres Stockdale, Lemmy Kilmister, Dave Grohl, Kid Rock, Rocco DeLuca and Iggy Pop.

The album is worth every single penny, for it is fully loaded with seventeen groovy tracks- right from heavy Metal numbers to mushy romantic ballads; the album has all that it takes to make it to the top, a feat which ‘Slash’ has already achieved.

The opening track of the album ‘Ghost’ by ‘The Cult’ lead Ian Astbury and Slash sets the temperatures rising with its up-beat tempo and heavy guitar riffs. A headbangers delight, ‘Ghost’ will certainly remind you the magic of Axl Rose in ‘Sweet Child of Mine.’ Nevertheless, it gives a rocking start to the ‘Slash’ experience.

After ‘Ghost’, it’s the celebrated Black Sabbath lead Ozzy Osbourne, whose ‘Crucify the Dead’ begins with a haunting melody in a clean riff, while breaking into heavy distortion licks – a masterpiece from Ozzy and Slash - a pure Metal song with killer solos.

The third track of the album -‘Beautiful Dangerous’ - is crooned by Black Eyed Peas Fergie. With ‘Beautiful Dangerous’, Fergie breaks her Pop Rock/ Hip Hop image for a Rock and Roll princess, who oozes with oodles of oomph and appeal. I’m sure many will find Fergie ‘beautiful’ and ‘dangerous’ in this number.

‘Back from Cali’ by Myles Kennedy is quite passable. Next track `Promise’ is sung by Chris Cornell, the former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman, who once again surprises you with the sheer magic of his rasping voice. A well crafted track, ‘Promise’ is high on melody and rhythm. With ‘Promise’ enjoy the Slash and Chris Cornell magic as you rock yourself to sleep.

The sixth track of the album ‘By the Sword’ is sung by Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother. If not a great number, it’s not an ordinary number either. ‘By The Sword’ is a onetime listen song.

The seventh track ‘Gotten’ is crooned by Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. One of the catchiest songs from the album, it slowly grows over you with its soft Rock cadence. ‘Gotten’ is a perfect song for all those out there who are missing someone special.

Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister’s gruff vocals and Slash’s shredding add a punch to ‘Doctor Alibi.’ I’m sure ‘Doctor Alibi’ will soon become a moshpit anthem, for in ‘Doctor Alibi’, Slash not only shreds beautifully, but also dishes out some powerful licks for metalmaniacs.

‘I Hold On’ by Kid Rock is a nice and breezy track, which helps you unwind after some serious headbanging, as it refreshes you with its lively and stirring beats.

‘Nothing to Say’ by M Shadows from Avenge of Sevenfold is again a Metal number. A fast paced number with nice and heavy riffs. Right from power chords, lightening fast riffs, solos, slides and screeches, Slash literally burns the fretboards of his axe on this number.

‘Saint is a Sinner Too’ by Rocco DeLuca has a bluesy feel. A soft number, the track has a soothing inflection. An invigorating and uplifting number, the song has a magical effect.

Next comes ‘We`re All Gonna Die’ by former Stooges frontman Iggy Pop, whose passionate lilt whets your appetite for more - pure unadulterated Rock and Roll. In ‘Baby Can’t Drive’ by Alice Cooper and Nicole Scherzinger, Nicole sounds a harsh and loud; she is just good for Pussycat Dolls stuff. Alas! What a royal waste of Alice Cooper.

The last track of the album is a Rap version of Guns N’ Roses classic ‘Paradise City’ by Fergie and Cypress Hill. The song is re-mastered into a club song, and for a change, the new ‘Paradise City’ comes with a dash of Hip Hop.

Overall, ‘Slash’ is one killer album from the six-stringed wizard. A must buy album on the wish list of every Rock and Roll fan out there.


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