Ten Ideas to make Women’s Day Special

Ridhima Mangal

It’s the International Women’s Day and we can’t ignore the fact world is a better place to live because of the likes of us, women!

Mostly we see women celebrate this day as a blend of mother’s day and Valentine’s Day. It depends on their spouse or children to wish them and make it seem like a special day for them.

Now we don’t always need a man to define it to us, do we? It’s our day and we deserve to do something for our own self.

Here are some ideas to make this day special for you:

1. Meet up with your girlfriends who you have not been able to meet in a long time and have a lavish champagne lunch together- all of you! There is nothing better to celebrate this day with other women you admire in your life.

2. Call the closest spa to your work and book an appointment for lunch time and get an aromatherapy head massage followed by some real good hair cut and styling. There is so much stress you carry in that small head of yours, take it easy for a day!

3. Let’s bring out that debit card you always resist from using and go shopping with it. For once, allow yourself to shop without having to think twice. Flatter yourself, you can afford it. You’ve earned it.

4. Get your man to book you a table at your favourite restaurant tonight for a wine dinner and have him pay for it. Make him buy you roses and make a wish, be it another rock for your collection or a holiday to a fancy destination you read about in some travelogue recently. Have him fulfil it- GET SPOILED!

5. Call up on a friend you think is going through a bit of phase in her life. Send her chocolates; make it special and memorable for another woman. No amount of man love ever makes for what a woman can feel and do for another woman.

6. Get a lingerie makeover! What you wearing inside is what really makes the difference to how you feel on the outside. Change your colour, texture, style! Plain Janes get lacy, the lacy ones can try turning raunchy. Bring about a change in how you feel about yourself and how you dress your assets.

7. We all have got things we hold onto ourselves. We hide it from others and keep it locked inside us which often bites. If there is something you’ve been hiding for a long time, let it out. Job loss, break up, spat with your best friend, caught your guy cheating, lost a dear one, whatever is on your mind, express it. Talk about it, blog about it, try and sort out issues.

8. Go to the local karaoke bar and sing your heart out however bad a singer you may think you are! Sing and sing it loud! Let every emotion you got float and let it float free.

9. Take the woman you want to thank, out on a date, don’t forget all the times your moms been with you and helped you get through bad times. She deserves to be pampered by you for all that she has done to you all these years!

10. Last but not the least, make a commitment to yourself. A commitment to your health, bank account, love life or your respect. Your life is too beautiful for your health to suffer and harm it, you are your own security, so don’t ruin that dough in the bank over useless indulgences. You deserve the man you dream of, don’t compromise on that fact. If you already have found your Mr Right, make it last. Commitment should never be your phobia. Always remind yourself that you have everything what it takes to be treated like a princess, and you have the right to live like one.

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