Top Reasons why Delhi is best in winter

Updated: Jan 11, 2011, 18:43 PM IST

Bikas Bhagat

Delhi is cold…and…I am loving it…

The city which evolves every day comes alive in winter. The spirit of Delhiites is at its peak no doubt. After a spell of blistering summer heat, dusty winds and a mucky monsoon, we all look forward to the bone chilling winter fog as nature endows a fresh lease of life to Delhi.

The season is all about love, fashion and of course Garam Chai. Seriously, those who have not seen Delhi in winter have missed out on something beautiful.
Waking up to a Delhi winter morning is an experience in itself. You instantly get rejuvenated all with dew on the grass and the lovely weather outside…it really does refresh all your senses. Everything looks so pristine. You are bound to fall in love with the season.

Here are some reasons why Delhi rocks in winter:

Annual fests

The season is abuzz with annual fest all over. Institutions, colleges, even the MNCs in and around the capital conduct year end celebrations to welcome New Year!
Fun, laughter, and fellowship are part of such winter fests. This is the time of absolute merriment. And not just offices, but the streets pulsate with rocking activities as several rock bands and shows add a significant zing to the fervours.

Splash of colours

Places like Saket, Priya, CP, Janpath and North Campus are simply bustling with activity. There is a dash of colours the moment you are out in the open. People can be seen in colourful coats, pullovers, caps and the temperature is just perfect for you to try just about anything under the sun. Delhi is full of beautifully manicured gardens. Winter is the best time for lovebirds to express their feelings. There cannot be another substitute of a warm hug in the winter cold.


Winter is the best time to go out for drives. Delhi is known for broad roads, and since great weather doesn’t equate to less traffic, the winter night or Sundays are perfect to give your machine a taste of the dew. So, if you own a powerful car or bike, nobody should stop from experiencing the ultimate high. While a trip to the Greater Noida Expressway can let your adrenalin rushing, you can drive to Murthal to eat paranthas or to India Gate for ice cream and candy floss. If you`re in it for the long haul, you can venture to Surajkund (33 Km), Sohna (24 Km), Dabchick (92 Km) and Pataudi (60 Km) or Neemrana (122 Km).

Party time

If you have open space like lawn/terrace/balcony, winter is the best time put them to good use by throwing a party. Be it with your friends or families, bonfires and barbeques are always fun. Moreover, the season offers ample opportunities to shake a leg and go wild. Around the globe, beaches are the best spots for winter parties, but since Delhi has no beaches, there are enough fine clubs and bars where you can let your hair down. With Christmas and New Year round the corner, many restaurants and night clubs hold theme parties and cosy dinners.

Visiting a festive winter market

Making way through the twinkling festive lights in the market in Delhi’s winter is an absolute delight. Hanging out at CP or Select City Walk unleashes a different experience all together. These two are the biggest market place in Delhi where you can be sure of finding anything and everything. Then, there also Sarojini Nagar Market which is popular shopping joint for families staying in South Delhi. And if you want to experience your collage days right before your eyes, The Kamla Nagar market is the place you need to be at. Nestled at a stone’s throw away from Delhi University, this place is buzzing with youngsters.

Logs, fires and a perfect pint

Two things you need for a great winter joy is an immediate sense of welcome and a really good fire. And as the mercury stars dipping, bonfires become a permanent fixture in the nook and corners of Delhi.


Winter time is picnic time. There are many places in and around Delhi that make for ideal picnic spots. And the closest is your colony park! Other than that you have the Lodhi Gardens, Tulaqabad Fort, The Ridge, Nehru Park, Garden of Five Senses, Buddha Gardens, India Gate, Suraj Kund and many more. You can decide where you want to go on depending on how much you`re willing to drive.

Everyone is fond of this wonderful season. The quite chill touches your heart. It makes you fall in love all over again. People are more smiles and less blabber during this phase. Music and poetry reverberates all around. You feel rejuvenated and young. Sweet memories revisit.

Delhi’s winter is like an eternal infatuation.