Valentine gifts

Chonmipem Horam

There is someone who loves you just the way you are. Let him/ her fall in love with you all over again this Valentine`s day. Let that glimpse of you he/she got at your first rendezvous flash back in his/her mind and let cupid strike him/her and overwhelm the person with love.

So how about wooing the apple of your eye all over again this 14th February? Shower and pamper the person with gifts and let him/her know that you are drowning in the ocean of his/her love. Overcome the dilemma of what to gift and take a look at some of these hot yet thoughtful and practical gifts for lovebirds.

Gifts for women

A woman wants to be loved no matter what. Her emotions, feelings and desires need to be taken care of - she is a God`s fragile masterpiece. So let her know that you can’t seem to get enough of her.

-Buy her a light perfume. Let the scented smell of her keep you bewitched.

-Take her to the lingerie shop. Let her choose the one she has been eyeing for some time.

-Healthy is sexy, but indulgence is sexier. Buy a food coupon and savour the treat together to the heart’s content. You can skip your work-out or diet plan for a day.

-Diamonds are women`s best friends. Buy her a piece to adorn her personally.

-Present a fresh bouquet with complete no thorns on the stems.

-Gift a complete skin body essential to protect her from the harsh rays during this love season.

-Buy a pack of chocolates to perk up the metabolism.

-Buy her a life size teddy to give company in your absence.

-Go with the trend. Give her the latest gadgets available in the market. She will flaunt it beautifully and her girlfriends will go green with envy.

-Take her to the saloon/spa. Let her freshen up from the hectic schedule of work.

-Gift her a bottle of wine/champagne. It`s a very classy act.

-Buy accessories as per her choice.

-Floor her with a permanent ink set on your body with the initials of her name. She will be deeply touched.

-Don`t miss to say `I Love You` as love conquers all.

Gifts for men--

It may sound a bit tacky but YES, men do love receiving even when their pride may not let them admit it easily. Yet, it`s the thought and feelings that matter in giving a gift that will be loved and cherished forever.

-A good cologne. It`s a complete turn-on for women. Men should smell good.

-A wallet- To remind him of you wherever he may be, as men always carry wallets regardless of the cash/cards.

-Gadgets of the latest trend. Men would surely love it.

-Books/Novels/Magazines depending on the man’s personality.

- A customized cigarette case and lighters for the smoking love devils.

-A classy time-piece. Let him be on time at your disposal.

-Give him the greatest gift i.e. - spend quality time with him..

-Pack of action or horror DVDs.

-A bottle opener fridge magnet.

-Boxer shorts- an absolute necessity for a guy.

-Duffle bag or travel kit. He may need it someday or the other.

-Grooming products. You won`t want to see your guy with dirty finger nails anymore!

But REMEMBER, love can`t be bought. So ensure that you don`t give a wrong impression while buying a gift for your partner as sometimes gifts can be deceptive too. Like the Beatles song `Can`t buy me love`. So set the intention right. Don`t go looking for the answers you already know deep inside. Just do it the right way.

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