Every guy wants to go out with me: Kangna Ranaut

She doesn’t refrain from declaring herself ‘young, successful and loved by men’ as against her guarded and politically-correct peers.

The self-made beautiful actress from Himachal Pradesh - Kangna Ranaut has always been bold in style, speech, bearing and talent. In an eloquent chat with Swati Chaturvedi of Spicezee.com on her show Kahiye Janab, Kangna Ranaut once again turned candid about her rumoured botox treatment, dark roles and love life.

Q: Welcome on ‘Kahiye Janab’. Please tell us how was it growing up in front of the camera?
Kangna: I think it was a good experience. When I watch ‘Gangster’ now, I look at myself and say – Oh my God! Was this the way I looked? It’s weird because one changes so much, especially in one’s appearance that it’s surprising.

Q: It’s being said that you have undergone botox treatment on your lips. Is this true?

Kangna: I do not believe in plastic surgery. The natural look is always better. My hair looks good in the natural way and I would not look the same in any other style. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. Take for example Nicole Kidman and Audrey Hepburn. Kidman is tall and has pointed nose on the other hand Hepburn was petite and had broad nose. If everyone looks the same then beauty and individuality would go. I have a problem with plastic surgery. If you look at it psychologically, it would suggest that you are not happy with whom you are. And then you give the wrong message to the young generation.

Q: Tabloids published your pictures stating that you have undergone plastic surgery, it must be hurtful.
Kangna: Yes, it hurts because no one is ready to hear your side of the story. People make their own stories and draw their own conclusions and then move on. The world has become so advanced that with one click of the button, all your controversies flash before your eyes. I don’t know how this news came up. I find it ridiculous even to explain this.

Q: When you started there was freshness about you. Do you think you have lost it and regret losing it?
Kangna: In the mountains, from where I come, people are endowed with natural beauty. When I came to Mumbai, I never used to get waxing done. I was like a baby with curly hair and knew nothing about make-up. That’s the way I was. But there is an age for everything. As you grow you have a desire to look more refined, sophisticated and pleasant looking. I want to grow more and more graceful when I am 30-40.

Q: You come from a small town but people compliment you for your fashion sense. Is it inborn or developed over the years?
Kangna: I don’t know why people wear bad clothes. I want to ask people from where have you got that ridiculous combination. For me it is natural, I just can’t wear bad clothes.

Q: Please tell us about your vintage look in ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai’. Was the styling done by you?
Kangna: No, film designers have done the styling. The credit goes to them, but I style my personal wardrobe.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake you have done in terms of choice of roles, clothes anything.
Kangna: I never wanted to do ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ but for some reason I was forced into it. When the film did not work I felt bad because it was not my mistake, but someone else’s.

Q: Your recent film ‘Kites’ was a disaster. But even more than that, your fans kept asking where Kangna is in the film.
Kangna: When I signed the film, my role was very good. Nobody can deny that, but if Anurag (Basu) chose not to use my acting capabilities and decided to make my role short and insignificant, it’s not my job to tell him what he should be doing. I am not sad about it, but I am sorry because I had so much to give. Obviously, there are people who thought they don’t need it. I did feel bad and felt that I deserved much better than what he had done to my character. I asked him as to why he didn’t deliver what he promised. One shouldn’t narrate something else and do something else. But then, I think, he must have his reasons.

Q: You portrayed the role of Parveen Babi in ‘Woh Lamhe’ and played a drug addict Gitanjali in ‘Fashion’. Why are you always attracted to disturbing roles?
Kangna: (Smiles) You tell me what kind of roles I should do. Well, it’s my call. I am not attracted to dark roles; I am just attracted to films that will be hits. I like films that will work, make money and which people will enjoy. I would love to do action films as I have learnt martial arts. But if I am offered an action film which will not work, I will not go for it even if my role is good. I would rather go with something which is repetitive but which will work.

Q: Did the portrayal of dark characters disturb you personally?
Kangna: When I was young and immature, it used to disturb me because as a teenager you are unsure and trying to figure out exactly who you are as a person. And then external characters are forced on you and you tend to lose the real you. But as you grow old and mature, you learn to differentiate yourself and then you say – this is me, that’s my character, I need to leave the character behind and carry on with myself.

Q: Your well-publicized break-up (with Adhyayan Suman) would have hurt a lot.
Kangna: I don’t know how it matters. I don’t know why people take our relationship seriously. In Mumbai, my age (23) girls are dating one guy after the other. It was not as if it was love at first sight. It was a normal thing. He asked me out for a date, I went and even before we could decide further we were declared a couple by the media. It was very disappointing when it did not work out, and we admitted to everyone that we are no more a couple. But there’s nothing sad about it. That’s how metro relations are. I haven’t found the right guy till now. I am more mature for my age and to find a suitable guy is a little difficult.

Q: The film industry is unsparing to actresses when they cross the age of thirty. They start losing out on roles. Do you think you are missing something because you are an actress?
Kangna: Well, I am still very young. Right now, I can’t answer this question. I am young, successful, get a lot of male attention, every guy wants to go out with me. I am at a different place, so, I don’t now how it feels to be there. Now, I can choose to be anywhere with whomever I want to be without thinking. I am not under pressure that my biological clock is ticking away or I need a man and babies. I don’t know about actresses in their 30s and 40s, they might feel terrible.

Q: Katrina Kaif had remarked once that actresses have tendency to decrease the number of their age and size. What’s your take?
Kangna: I think the older generation thinks that way. But the youngsters are already so young, if they reduce their age, they will go back to their mother’s womb. I think old actresses, who come to the industry late (at around 25) feel this kind of pressure. But mine is a different case, I entered the industry very young – at 17, so I don’t need to reduce my age.

Q: Who is your favourite amongst contemporary actresses?
Kangna: I like Sonam and Deepika. Deepika is very good and beautiful and Sonam has the old-world-charm and is classy.

Q: And among the actors?
Kangna: I like matured and intense men like Aamir, Salman and Ajay Devgn. I don’t like guys my age. Men at 20 are too restless.

Adapted by Shivangi Singh

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