New dating agency helps singles find their ‘lookalike’ matches

Washington: It has long been known that people tend to be attracted to others with similar facial features to their own.

Making use of this remarkable theory, a new online dating agency offers to pair off members with a partner who is ``facially compatible`` to them, using a sophisticated facial recognition software. is the brainchild of Christina Bloom who started investigating the theory 20 years ago when she married a man who looked very similar to her.

After launching three months ago, the site already has almost 25,000 members worldwide. It is free to join.

“I`m not in this for money,” the Daily Mail quoted Bloom, 54, from Manhattan, New York as saying.

“I really believe in the science behind it and I want to help people meet their soul mates. It``s really hard to meet people these days and even harder to find that special chemistry,” he added.

For lookalike couple Sam Nagourney and Katharine Walker her theory rings true.

The pair who met while they were working together in a New York publicity company could be mistaken for siblings. They have the same broad smile, the same prominent forehead, bright blue eyes, high cheekbones, freckly skin and blonde hair.

The smitten duo say they fell in love at first sight but did not at first notice their uncanny likeness.


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