` I was bullied at school for my looks`

London: She is one of the hottest new actresses in Hollywood but `Black Swan` beauty Mila Kunis says she was bullied at school for her looks.

The 27-year-old star, who wowed critics and audience with her portrayal of seductive ballerina Lily in the psychological thriller, says she had a funny-looking face while growing up, which caused her much misery, the OK! magazine reported.

"I had a very funny-looking face when I was little. I had like big eyes, big lips, big ears. But when I was little I was constantly being made fun of for having big eyes and that was awful.

"I used to come home crying, `Why do I have big eyes?` And my parents were like, `You`re crazy!` I`ve learned it wasn`t a bad thing to be picked on because when you`re little is seems awful, like it`s the end of the world. I grew into my face," the actress said.

Kunis, however, is not too keen to take up dancing in any of her future projects. The actress had a tough time playing the ballerina as she had never pracitised ballet before her role.

"I had never danced in my life. I trained for four months, seven days a week, five hours a day. I had one day off on my birthday. I lost 20 pounds. I tore a ligament. I dislocated my shoulder. I have two scars on my back. And it was worth every minute," Kunis told W magazine.

"I will never dance again. I was like, `Well, I wear heels - I can do this`. I was wrong: Christian Louboutins are uncomfortable, but I screamed the first time I put on a pointed shoe," she added.


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