`LiLo dangerous enough to bite someone`

New York: ‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan has a dangerous side to her, according to a photographer.

Photographer Markus Klinko expressed his concern over shooting the 23-year-old actress for her 6126 leggings line on Bravo’s ‘Double Exposure’ on June 29.

“There’s almost a dangerous element to her presence,” the New York Daily News quoted him as telling the cameras before Lohan arrived for her close-up.

“Is she gonna bite you? Is she just gonna leave?” he pondered.

The photographer said he approached Lohan like she was a lioness.

“I literally need to think of myself as a wildlife photographer,” he told the camera.

“I’m waiting by that watering hole, the lioness is coming out and I have one second to catch her,” he added.



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