`Victoria should stick to fashion`

London: Singer Dane Bowers has advised his former collaborator Victoria Beckham to stick to fashion and not return to pop music.

The former Spice Girl has been advised by Dane Bowers - who she collaborated with for the single `Out of Your Mind` - not to return to the pop industry as her work as a designer is much better than her musical talent, reports contactmusic.com.

`I think she should stick to fashion design, but she`d probably say that herself. The whole fashion thing is definitely where her future lies,` said Dane.

However, the 31-year-old singer insisted Victoria has more vocal ability than she is given credit for.

`She`s the first person to say that she`s no Mariah Carey, but she can hold a tune. You don`t make it as far as the Spice Girls did if you can`t sing at all,` he said.