5 Makeup Courses which are sure to turn you into a makeup PRO!!

Updated: Mar 30, 2015, 12:44 PM IST
5 Makeup Courses which are sure to turn you into a makeup PRO!!
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Makeup is an art and acing it requires a lot of effort – included in a perfect makeup course. With numerous beauty & makeup course available today – it becomes a cumbersome task to round upon a perfect one for you.  Permanent Makeup expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Gunjan Taneja Gaur recommends choosing a course, which besides polishing your key skills, pays attention towards imparting a sound knowledge of advanced makeup techniques too. Read on to know the 5 ace makeup courses suggested by Ms. Gunjan that are sure to turn you into a makeup PRO:

Art of Makeup: Every face has some or the other type of flaws due to acne and pimples, pigmentation, burns, injuries, other skin disorders, oiliness, uneven texture of skin, improper shape of the face. This course is a solution for all these problems and teaches you the skills to confidently rectify the shape of face & features and conceal flaws of any face, including double chin, flat nose, and other natural or minor accidental marks. Besides, his course also teaches makeup on all 5 types of brides – Traditional, Bengali, Muslim, Christian and Sikh –rarely taught anywhere else. Enough to turn you into a makeup-specialist – this course will make you the most sought-after artist too!

Media Makeup: If you want to step in the world of glamour; or wish to have your encounter with models and actors – this course is for you! This is your opening to huge career as a makeup artist. They call it an artist because it is your creativity and artistic blend that will lead you to grow by beautifying top models, actors and actresses. It is all possible with this course. The skills can effectively be utilized for stage make up, Fashion shows, TV and films. Through theoretical and intense practical training, we assure you the career of a trained professional makeup artist. You will be able to confidently rectify the shape and conceal flaws of any face, including double chin, flat nose, and other natural or accidental aberrations.

Airbrush Makeup: This international art seems to be in huge rage these days. It is a revolutionary technique in make-up application which emerges super-flawless due to no non-involvement of hands in it. Used for applying makeup to film personalities for HD posters – with the development of modern equipment and cosmetic grade pigments – it is an art form in itself. Most make-up artists will agree that airbrush is fingerprint free and superb tool for applying make-up. Learn this assorted artistry at ALPS to become an “airbrushing star” yourself!

Permanent Makeup: Everyone today is time-conscious; wherein nobody wants to waste their time in indulging in tiring lengthy makeup sessions and irritating frequent touch-ups. Especially, when looking best becomes a need rather than being the luxury – thanks to the ever-competitive corporate culture! A permanent makeup artist can put an end to this chaos with a course in Permanent Makeup. The content of this course comprises, permanent eyebrow shaping, permanent eye lining, and permanent lip coloring permanent beauty spot, permanent coloring of leucoderma patches, and more... It endows the students with an opportunity to not only adorn their clients; but instead keep them embellished for ages to come! So, are you too ready to boost the confidence and esteem of your clients with this unique trait of Permanent Makeup?

Super-Advance Course: A makeup artist is an incredible sculptor too with his ability to transform a face like a beautiful celebrity or a heinous monster. And, why not when the media industry has a huge demand for such artists for various ramp-shows, fashion shoots, TV commercials, TV serials – and even movies! The Super-Advance Course in makeup will not only strengthen your basic knowledge of makeup but instill a very high-level in understanding of the ultra-new techniques of aesthetics as well as prosthetics in students. Some of these techniques include - 3D Zombie Makeup, Hi-Fashion Watergloss Makeup, Avant-garde hair-do, Mascarade Lace Makeup and much more…

All these courses are available at ALPS Beauty Academies at very nominal prices to let the students rule the world of beauty with flying colors! The courses will not only enable you to work singlehandedly and hence will be utterly helpful in establishing your own venture at some point of their lives – besides contributing towards their work in a full-time job and paying your entire money invested in the course, back!