5 steps of the right way to use a concealor

By Aparna Mudi | Updated: Dec 12, 2013, 19:47 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: Using the concealor right is an elusive technique that not many have perfected. But using a concealor isn’t as tough as it seems. We give you some simple tips to use the concealor in the right way.

1.Choose a concealor with shades with yellow and peach undertones for under eyes. Make sure that you get cool undertones to neutralize the red parts of the face.

2.Use a corrector before applying the concealor. The yellow pigments give you an extra boost of brightness and help cancel out purple tones.

3.Always begin with the under-eye area. Lightly dab concealor along the darkest area under your eye in a crescent shape. You can first apply in light dots and then lightly dab to blend.

4.Use your finger to dab. Don’t make the mistake of pulling or rubbing your finger. Your skin under the eye is very

5.Next, apply a light foundation, focusing on the centre of the face and blending outward toward the hairline.
Now you’re ready to move on to blush and powder!