5 tips for styling Curly Hair

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

Hair, especially curly hair is really easy to style. But many women find it preplexing to try out and are in a constant fix as to what they should do with their hair whenever they want to go out.

Here are five classy tips to use those beautiful curls to your advantage.

1. A French Twist or a French Roll: It is a celebrity favourite. A french twist with a little fringe on the side looks classy and goes with all formal clothing. it all also accentuates your face and neckline heavily.

2. Buffet ponytail: Anybody who is a Deepika fan knows how gorgeous this hairstyle looks. Make a small buffet at the top and then tie up rest of your hair in a simple plaid. Leave a couple of locks to frame your face.

3. Side Sweep: Comb your hair to the side and roll your hair slightly. Add a little holding spray to let your hair set the way you styled it.

4. Fishtail Braid: make a simple fishtail braid. Spray on some hairspray for keeping the braid neat, but let out some of your locks to add the flirty look.

5. Illusion Ponytail: Simply sweep up your hair and make it into a ponytail. Take a strand, roll it around at the base and pin it discreetly with a small pin at the underside to make it look as if you have tied your hair with your own hair!