5 Unfailable fashion tips

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: Fashion tips are sought out by every woman. Here are some unfailable tips to ensure you are well turned out wherever you go.

Show off skin cautiously
Showing too much skin or too little skin can be both a fashion disaster. You don’t want to look like a prude, nor do you want to look shameless. If you want to look classy yet look fashionable.

Show only one part if you want to bare. If you want to show off your legs, then have a higher neckline. If you want a lower neckline then show less of your legs.

Accessorise with bold colours
If you are likely to stick to classic pastel colours, and/or colours like Navy, Grey, Beige, White and black; make sure you accessorise properly.

It is better to compliment your neutral clothing choices with bold colours for your bags, shoes or jewellery. Chose your bags in reds, Bright Green, Neon yellows and other bright hues

Throw on a scarf or a stole
Scarves or stoles are the best accessories to have in your tote. They can glam up any ensemble in minutes. You can put on a scarf in a 10 different ways including different knots and different ways to just drape them around you shoulders.

Round down in denim
Whenever you buy denims, even if they have lycra, buy a size that is one lower. Denims always stretch out and look ungainly. And nothing looks worse than a badly fit lower.

Save yourself from sales
Save yourself from a sale that looks too lucrative. If you are really not in need of an item, don’t buy it simply because it is available for cheap. Don’t be pulled into it just because it is a lucrative deal. Those deals will be again here next season.