5 ways to make your eyes look beautiful

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: Every woman wants to look ravishing, especially for their special someone. And eyes are one of the best features of a woman.

Emphasise the beauty of your eyes and mesmerise those around you with these easy tips!

Stencil your eyebrows

Use a beige pencil or a different colour pencil to mark out the hair you want to remove. Even if you have a great natural shape, remove any extra strands. Don’t over pluck. Let your eyebrows look thick but well shaped, eyebrows make your face look shapelier.

Conceal those dark areas

Apply liquid concealer to your under-eye area. After spreading it evenly, use a makeup sponge to lightly buff out any patches.

Curl your lashes!

Use a quality eyelash curler. Use it regularly but carefully. Quality eyelash curlers have extra padding to make sure you don’t break any hair follicles.

Experiment with colours

Use cool coloured eyeliner to define your eyes. Cool blues and soft greens can make your whites look brighter and make your eyes sparkle.

Contour your lower lids with a shimmering shadow and keep the majority of colour around the lash line using your eye shape as a stencil outline to accentuate your eye size.

Always go for a second coat

While using mascara, create a lifting effect for droopy lids with a double coat of mascara along your top lashes.