Actress Vanessa Hudgens misses her long tresses

London: Actress Vanessa Hudgens, who has adopted a grungy look to play a pregnant tomboy in `Gimme Shelter`, misses her long tresses.

"It`s really intense. I`m still getting used to it. I play this girl who`s, like, homeless and she doesn`t really care about her look... I kind of look like a boy throughout the whole movie," quoted her as saying.

"In the beginning, my character cuts her hair and we were cutting it and it didn`t look like I was cutting it myself, so I grabbed the scissors and started cutting my actual hair.

"I miss it (hair)... My sister is, like, my best friend and she naturally has, like, the longest hair, so whenever I`m around her I`m giving her the evil eye," she added.


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