Akshay walks ramp with specially-abled children

Bangalore: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar walked along with specially-abled children for fashion designer Ramesh Dembla here over the weekend.

The fashion show was part of the campaign titled “Be a Fan of Dignity, 2010”. The signature campaign was initiated as part of a larger campaign to eradicate the use of the word retarded. About 11 million signatures have been collected till now.

“Wow! From my heart, I want to thank all kids,” said Akshay Kumar.

He also sought media support for the cause.

“There is so much we can achieve with your help. Please help me to make a huge impact in this country. Stop the negativity, and start looking at this incredibly talented and extremely brave community with more dignity,” said Kumar.

Around 80 outfits were displayed at the fashion show.