Andy Warhol predicted Lady Gaga`s style: Yoko Ono

New York: John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono has said that Andy Warhol had first advised her to dress in an over-the-top style like Lady Gaga.

"Warhol said, ``Yoko, you should be doing like this and that,`` " the New York Post quoted Ono as saying at the Loomba Foundation`s Gala Diwali dinner at the Essex House.

Gesturing as if wearing a wild headdress, Ono recalled, "He was actually predicting something like Lady Gaga, you know, the costumes and all that.

“He said, ``You should do that,`` but I said, ``Well I``m an activist and I`m not going to do that.`` I was in a different mood then."

"What she`s doing is beautiful," said Ono, who performed with Gaga last month in a tribute to Lennon.

"I don`t think I would like to be too near a meat dress," she added.