Anne channels Hepburn for Vogue photoshoot

New York: The opulence of the classic glamour days of Audrey Hepburn was relived, when Anne Hathaway, adorned in jewels and lavish ball gowns, posed for her latest photo shoot.

‘The Princess Diaries’ star looked every bit the princess in her November Vogue photo shoot.

The Parisian pictorial includes shots of the brunette beauty posing above the lens on a staircase, stepping out of a vintage car and on a romantic date with a mystery man.

While Hathaway, 27, stays covered in floor-length gowns in the Audrey Hepburn-inspired shoot, she revealed much more in her interview with the magazine.

The actress talked about her split with former boyfriend Raffaello Follieri after he was involved in a fraud scandal in 2008.

When asked about reasons for the break-up, the actress joked, “Uh...fraud?.”

She says she tries to distance herself from the entire scandal so as not to let it become part of her identity, reports a news daily.

“Gosh, I hate talking about the breakup, because I don’t want it to define me,” she concluded.