Anne Hathaway inconsolable after haircut

London: Actress Anne Hathaway, who sports a boyish haircut after cutting her long brunette tresses for a new role, says she was inconsolable when she saw herself after the cut.

The 29-year-old had the haircut for her role as a prostitute in upcoming film "Les Miserables" and she says she was reduced to a mental patient level of tears when she saw her new cut, reported Daily Mail.

"I was reduced to a mental patient level of crying. I was inconsolable. I wasn`t expecting cutting my hair to be a big deal. It was my idea to do it, since it was something the character did. Then I realized I couldn`t take it back," she added.

However, the actress says she now quite likes having short hair.

"I`m just so pleased with how I look, so I now quite like having short hair. I did it for a film, so it really wasn`t about me and my security," she added.