Are colour coordinated tips, toes trendy?

London: If finding the right shade of nail paint was not enough, now the debate is on whether to wear the same shade on our tips and toes.

Some find matching tips and toes colour classy, while others don`t find it trendy. asked top manicurists for their opinion and here`s what they have to say:

Madeline Poole, a runway backstage regular, thinks matching them is "always a classic way to go". But for this season, she adds, there are only a handful of colours that are truly transitional.

"There are the classics for fall like red, nude, black and bordeaux. These colours are interchangeable, they complement each other and can be worn on hands or feet, and on any skin tone," Poole said.

Naomi Yasuda, who has styled Alicia Keys, Madonna and Kelly Osbourne, also thinks matching tips and toes is a good idea.

"It is classic and never goes out of style as opposed to a short lived trend," Yasuda said adding, to make it more modern "do something more intricate on your fingers, like incorporating a nail art design, but keep the base coat the same on your toes. This way, they still match but there is another layer of design or texture on your fingers."

Kimmie Kyees, who counts Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kate Mara among her clients, thinks the idea might be a little outdated.

"To match your fingernails and toes used to be a must back in the day and some women still follow that guideline," she said.

"But in today`s day and age, when colour choices have become so abundant, women like to go a little crazy and have fun mixing and matching," Kyees added.

Shonshon Ragui, O.P.I educator and trainer in India, also prefers mixing things up.

"For a person like me, who loves to play around with colours, I like applying different shades on the hands and feet," she said.

"If a person opts for a French manicure on her fingertips, she should try other shades like red, pink, orange or dark colours on her toes. I think it`s a trend to apply different colours," Ragui added.

Jenna Hipp, Green Celebrity Nail Stylist, finds it difficult to pick between the two approaches.

"With nail art still trending strong, a matching manicure/pedicure is considered blasé by most. But while I`m a fan of the mix-matched manicure/pedicure, I can`t deny the beauty in classic subtle simplicity," Hipp said.

"As a general rule, I recommend choosing shades from the same colour palette to keep your overall look pulled together and intentional," she added.