Ashish N. Soni to design for school children

New Delhi: Fashion designer Ashish N. Soni, an alumni of the capital’s British School, will design for its students for during their 50th anniversary celebration in December here.

A multi-designer show will be held on Dec 14 to celebrate the school’s golden jubilee. Soni will direct the production of the fashion show.

“I will have clothes that will be specially designed for children. We are doing a show with some of them. Overall theme is going to be black and gold since it’s the golden jubilee celebration. It will be a thematic presentation,” Soni, who is still working on the concept and presentation ideas of the show, said.

While the senior high school students will be part of the show, the tiny tots are also expected to actively participate in the celebrations.

“For nursery onwards children, we might do photography-based tribute for the school. We might shoot with few of them and highlight the different nationalities working in the school,” he said.