Beauty blunders a bride MUST avoid

Updated: Mar 16, 2015, 13:30 PM IST
Beauty blunders a bride MUST avoid
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Time before a wedding is quite precious and is often spent in massive “shaadi-shopping” only! This entire hush-hush ceremony of nuptials lets a bride indulge into actions without thinking twice before it; mostly because they run out if time or are simply unaware.  Panic not, as Renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Founder-Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Bharti Taneja, shares few disastrous beauty blunders which should be completely avoided by a would-be-bride.

Simultaneous Waxing and Bleaching Sessions:

A lot of brides go on and schedule their waxing and bleaching sessions on the very same day or the next – which should not be the case as this can become a major cause of skin allergy. So, you should make sure that the minimum gap between both these sessions is of two days; as both if implemented together can also cause rashes to your face and body. Also, bleaching should be done prior to waxing to make you skin as smooth as silk. Same goes for body scrubbing and polishing as well which should also not be done with bleach i.e. on the same day.

Chopping hair too short:

Though a nice hair cut is all welcomed on a bride, a cut too short is still not advisable. Moreover, as a bride is most likely expected to don a braid or bun on her wedding; this may not be perfectly possible if she has shorter tresses. So, in order to avoid the chaos for your hair-stylist on your D-day, it’s better to keep you hair long so that they adapt to any style you choose for your hair. Remember, tresses are known to add towards a bride’s further beauty – you should keep them to maintain an all-traditional avatar. One more thing that should be kept in mind is to not color and go for any chemical treatment together on your hair – right before your wedding. This can end up causing severe damage to your tresses and can even make them appear limp when the day arrives.

Experimenting with Products

It is understandable that you want to leave no stone unturned to turn yourself into the most pretty bride. Therefore, you do not shy away from using every tom, dick and harry product available at the nearest store – which should not be the case. Rather, it is advisable for you to stay away from experimenting with new products; especially, creams, lotions and other skin-care products – as your skin may adversely react to such products and can cause skin-allergy to occur right before you wedding. To be on safer side you should think twice before switching-on to any new brand or product – that too after thoroughly enquiring whether they are dermatological approved or not. Of course, you may not like the idea of spoiling your marriage-day dreams due to an allergy or infection caused by a certain product.

Indulging into Junk Food:

Eating is directly proportional to your looks. But, all the hustle-bustle of wedding can make you eat erratically. The junk-street food you eat can become a major cause of weight gain, leading your wedding attire to not fit your body when the day arrives. Also, the more greasy and unhealthy food you eat, the more likely it is to take a toll on your skin too –making it appear unhealthy.  Besides, the street food lacks hygiene too which makes you prone to diseases like; upset stomach, fever etc. – right before you nuptials. Therefore, you should cut back on the samosas and the burgers, and include more salads and veggies in your meals to turn yourself into a healthy bride.