Becks sports `Lenin look` on night out with friends

London: David Beckham, who has always been adventurous with his looks, has delved into the history books with his latest appearance resembling late Russian leader Vladimir Lenin.

The former Manchester United star stepped out sporting 1920 Communist chic for a night out in north London with some friends.

The group, which included his football agent friend Dave Gardner, the ex-husband of Davinia Taylor, fashion designer Stella McCartney and her husband Alasdhair Willis in London, tucked into grub at posh gastro pub The Cow in Bayswater, the Sun reported.

Lenin, who passed away in 1924, was a Russian Marxist revolutionary, intellectual and politician who led the October Revolution of 1917.

He was in office for 21 years and had a fondness for facial hair and hats.

Beckham’s not adverse to a hat or five, but it’s his facial fuzz which has caught the eye over the past month.

The dodgy ‘tache got its first airing as he and his LA Galaxy teammates arrived in Montreal, Canada for a match at the start of May.

And it didn’t take long for the ribbing to start, with US President Barack Obama among the mockers.

“Barack said: ‘David, why all the facial hair, man?’ I just laughed it off,” he said of his visit to the White House.

“To even be in the White House was a big honour but to get a little bit of stick off the President was huge,” he added.

But dining out in his hometown, the footballer showed off a more pronounced goatie and moustache.

Still sporting a fair amount of fuzz on his cheeks, the midfielder has now coiffed a clear shape around his chin and lips.


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