Being 41 is fantastic: Cameron Diaz

Los Angeles: Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz has revealed that her 20s were horrible. The 41-year-old actress said that she is confident in life now, reportedly.

"I love being in my 40s. You know yourself and you don`t give a damn anymore. You really don`t care what other people think. You let go of that things that don`t matte... It`s a liberation. It`s fantastic," she said.

Thinking back to her 20s, Diaz said that she does not want to be in 20s again. "Who wants to be 21 again? That was horrible! It was horrible! It was not the best years of my life. The best years of my life are right now.

"We concentrate too much on what`s happening on the outside. If you take care of what`s going on in the inside, then you should have no problems," she said.