Being sexy can be negative, says Michelle Williams

London: Actress Michelle Williams, who recently picked up a Golden Globe and Bafta nomination for her role of Marilyn Monroe in `My Week with Marilyn`, thinks that being sexy can be negative.

The 31-year-old, who delivers a stunning performance as Monroe in her new film, said that her first role as naughty teenager Jen Lindley in Dawson`s Creek made her realise that being sexy can be negative, reported Daily Mirror.

"I wouldn`t say that that would be one of my first qualities as a human being ? being sexy. And I think because my character on Dawson`s Creek was sexy... sexualized... sexual... I saw all the negative attention and connotations that can come along with that. And that those things can keep people from seeing you clearly.

"When you play sexy you`re kind of playing just for men. That is something you have to police and turn it on its head. I mean, sexuality has been a part of my work, obviously but it`s never been sexy. It hasn`t been beautiful," Williams said.

The mother of one also said she always wanted a younger brother or sister for Matilda ? the daughter she had with Heath Ledger before he died in 2008.

"I really wanted, and I really expected or imagined, that Matilda would have siblings that were close to her age. I wanted that for her. But I couldn`t make that happen.

"And now that she`s 6 that isn`t even a possibility anymore. So something that was making me feel impatient, that`s been removed. For whatever reason, that`s not our luck, or our path."


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