Beth Ditto wants own fashion range

Updated: May 27, 2012, 19:53 PM IST

London: Singer Beth Ditto says she would now like to design a collection on her terms. The 31-year-old rock singer, who is famed for her plus-size figure, created a fashion line for British high street store Evans in 2007, reported a website.

"I wish that there was more control in that line, but there wasn`t. It was really fun, but the things that I really wanted couldn`t be turned around in time. It was made in India, which caused a lot of conflict for me," Ditto said.

"I really want to do my own line that`s ethically made, and I can do whatever I want with it. I also want to start an online vintage store, kind of like Re/Dress (Brooklyn`s now-closed plus-size boutique).

"I want to do a buy-the-outfit function, and I want to show how outfits look on all kinds of different body types, even boys and butches," she added.