Beyonce Knowles, Halle Berry inspires Kimberley Walsh

Updated: May 24, 2011, 09:18 AM IST

London: Singer Kimberley Walsh says that while dressing up she is inspired by curvy women like Beyonce Knowles and Halle Berry.

"I guess I tend to look towards curvier women like Beyonce and see what looks good on them. And Halle Berry also has a great body. If I had her figure I don`t think I`d complain," quoted Walsh as saying.

The 29 year old, who is taking a break from music to build a career as a television presenter, added that she likes to dress in the 50s style to flatter her shape.

"I always dress to suit my shape. I won`t wear a trend if it doesn`t suit my figure. I love that whole 50s style, mainly because it suits my body shape, rather than it being a trend. I`d like to have longer legs - but wouldn`t everyone? It`s just the way it is. But they probably wouldn`t look right with the rest of my shape anyway," she said.