Beyonce Knowles proud of her powerful image

Los Angeles: Pop star Beyonce Knowles says she works tirelessly to maintain her strong, independent image and can`t believe how much influence she has over women everywhere.

The 31-year-old singer has finally fulfilled her life-long ambition to become a symbol of success and empowerment for ladies across the globe, but still finds it difficult to comprehend how much influence she has, reported Us magazine.

"When I was writing the Destiny`s Child songs, it was a big thing to be that young and taking control. And the label at the time didn`t know that we were going to be that successful, so they gave us all control. And I got used to it. It is my goal in life to be that example," Beyonce said.

"I now know that, yes, I am powerful. I`m more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand," she added.

The R&B superstar sacrificed her childhood to make it in the music industry after forming the original Destiny`s Child line-up aged just eight, and believes she is now perfectly entitled to sit back and enjoy her success.

"I worked so hard during my childhood to meet this goal: by the time I was 30 years old, I could do what I want. I`ve reached that. I feel very fortunate to be in that position. But I`ve sacrificed a lot of things, and I`ve worked harder than probably anyone I know in the music industry. So, I just have to remind myself that I deserve it," she said.