Braids back on red carpet

Los Angeles: If "Bad bob" is in vogue nowadays, even braids are considered trendy by many. Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger chose to look cool by sporting braided hairdo on the red carpet.

Here`s a list of celebrities who flaunted the braided look.

* Jessica Alba: Celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora created "a hairstyle that was easy for her to manage". To copy the style, make a part from the top of the head all the way to the nape of the neck. Then create a flat braid from the front to the back and secure with a small elastic, making sure the plait ends underneath the loose hair from the right side.

* Diane Kruger: She wore a unique braided hairstyle to the premiere of a show. Hairstylist Kylee Heath first created a triangle section in the back of her head, then wove a tight inside-out French braid. He then loosely French braided the remaining hair over it, securing it all with an elastic.

* Blake Lively: She wore her long blonde locks gathered into a messy braided ponytail at the premiere of a movie. Hair expert Giovanni Vaccaro advises to first make a sleek ponytail positioned between the crown and back of your head. Fasten it tightly and wrap a small section around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin. Braid the hair and secure the bottom with another band. To create a bedhead look, loosen the top of the braid by lightly tugging on the outer sections. Finish with shine spray.

* Kate Bosworth: She was also spotted in a braided hairstyle recently. Hairstylist Bridget Brager started at the crown along the part and braided forward so it would conceal her hair line. She then created two braids at Bosworth`s temples and wove all three plaits together and pinned for a halo effect.

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