Brazilian town full of attractive women looking out for men, interested?

By Ajith Vijay Kumar | Last Updated: Aug 28, 2014, 17:50 PM IST
Brazilian town full of attractive women looking out for men, interested?
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It's no fantasy! A Brazilian town full of attractive women has sent out an open invite to eligible bachelors to come and settle with them. Noiva do Cordeiro, located in south-east Brazil is home to more than 600 women, most of them are aged between 20 and 35.

Famed for their beauty, the women face only one problem – shortage of men to woo them! One damsel rued “she has not been kissed for a long time”.But before you pack your bags to rescue the beauties in 'distress', here are a few things you must know about the town and its inhabitants.

Nova Do Cordeiro was established in 1891 by founder Maria Senhorinha de Lima after she was chased out of her town. Branded an adulterer for leaving a man she had been forced to marry, the young defiant Lima, shunned by the local population, chose to form a community of her own. 

Other women, who were targeted as loose women and prostitutes, joined the community that grew in size with passing years but also got increasingly isolated itself from the outside world.
Later in 1940 an evangelical pastor took one of the women as his wife and started a church for the community.

But he is said to have also enforced strict rules on the community, in accordance with Christian tradition. When he died in 1995, the woman decided that they would not let anyone from outside, any man, to decide rules for them. They went on to build their own world, a world which runs as per their rules.

With passage of time many women married but rules of the town demand that their husbands and any sons over the age of 18 must live and work elsewhere and are allowed into the town only during weekends. The women are in charge of every aspect of the town. Be it budget, planning to even farming and religion.

They say that the there are no disputes in the town as each task is accomplished on the principle of shared responsibility. Still interested? Here's the caveat: Only those men who are willing to abide by the rules, agree to what they say and adapt to living in a women's world will be considered. Welcome to Noiva do Cordeiro!