Campbell ‘to be summoned in Charles Taylor’s war crimes trial’

London: British model Naomi Campbell is to be summoned for giving evidence in Charles Taylor`s war crimes trial, it has emerged.

The 40-year-old model will be called after the court said reports she received a `blood diamond` from Charles Taylor, the ex-President of Liberia, could be crucial evidence.

Prosecutors said that Campbell’s testimony might directly disprove claims by Taylor during his two-year trial, reports anews daily.

Taylor is on trial for his alleged role in the civil war in Sierra Leone, accused of arming rebels in return for diamonds illegally mined by kidnapped civilians.

The hearing took place at the Special Court for Sierra Leone in The Hague.

The Court’s four-judge panel agreed that Campbell can be called to give evidence.

“The Trial Chamber, having perused the declaration of Mia Farrow, is satisfied that the proposed fresh evidence is highly probative and material to the Indictment,” the judges said.

“The Trial Chamber directs the Prosecution to call the proposed additional witnesses as soon as practicable,” they added.

Taylor’s henchmen allegedly gifted Campbell a huge rough diamond after a charity dinner held at Nelson Mandela’s house in 1997.

Campbell, however, repeatedly denied that she received the diamond.



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