Cannot predict success of my creation: Vivienne Westwood

London: Designer Dame Vivienne Westwood doesn`t focus on fashion trends and designs on the basis of her own tastes. She says she cannot predict the success of her creations.

"I must admit, I don`t follow anything that happens on the runways, I have no idea what other people are doing," quoted Westwood as saying.

"I only went to one single fashion show last season in Paris, and only so photographers would get a picture of my t-shirt supporting (WikiLeaks founder) Julian Assange," she added.

The 72-year-old also admits being clueless about women`s reaction to her collection.

"To be honest, I`ve never wondered what women want from fashion. I only create based on my own tastes and I`m incapable of predicting the success (or failure) of a collection," said Westwood.

"I have had certain intuitions - my Victorian corsets, for instance, worked well but it was a bit risky at the time. I just think I owe it all to luck rather than the power of prediction," added Westwood.

The fashion legend cites iconic French designer Yves Saint Laurent, who passed away in June 2008, as one of her all time favourite designers. She says no one has quite met his high standards yet.

"I try to avoid the question of whether fashion is art. But I`m still tempted to give a simple answer: it depends on who`s doing it. In my opinion, only Yves Saint Laurent has ever been able to manage it," said Westwood.

"Everything he did was always perfect, always a triumph. He metamorphosed women into real animated artworks," she added.


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