Cats inspired Egypt`s Pharaonic fashion rage

Cairo: A breed of cat called the Egyptian mau worshipped in the days of Pharaohs had been a source of inspiration for Egypt`s Pharaonic fashion, says an expert.

These cats were considered sacred at the time, and were worshipped and immortalized through many of the ancient Egyptians` artifacts and temples.

"When you look at evidence documenting the way ancient Egyptian women dressed, you can see they wore necklaces similar to the natural markings around the collars of Egyptian Maus," says veterinarian Abdel Rahman Sameh Fahmy.

"This influence is also echoed in the makeup worn at the time, which emphasized a certain eye shape resembling that of the Egyptian Mau," Egypt`s Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper quoted Fahmy as saying.

Given the high regard these cats once held in the Egyptian society, it`s surprising that they are endangered today.

"People don`t seem to be aware anymore of just how special this breed of cat is," said Fahmy, who works for the Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (EMRO).

The centre gives shelter and medical care to stray Maus, according to the report Friday. "The Mau is the only naturally spotted domestic cat in the world," says Fahmy.

EMRO has begun summer courses in schools so students can learn about the animal.

"They`d definitely learn more here than they would at the zoo," Fahmy said.


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