Chantelle Houghton returns to glamorous look

Updated: Oct 27, 2012, 09:12 AM IST

London: Model Chantelle Houghton looks glamorous again after she shed her baggy and stressful look post her breakup with cage fighter Alex Reid.

Houghton, 29, who was off-late seen in misfit T-shirts and dark patches under eyes, was seen in a black jeans and stylish jacket as she stepped out to find a new house here, reports

The model tied her hair in a ponytail and had applied a little make up as she strolled on the streets. She earlier shared a house in Brentwood with Reid.

Houghton and Reid parted ways last month after the latter tried to break into their house and created a scene on the road. They have a 4-month-old daughter Dolly.