Charlize Theron furious about hair cut?

PTI| Updated: Nov 07, 2013, 09:09 AM IST

London: Actress Charlize Theron is reportedly angry at being ordered to chop off her locks for the second time to film re-shoots for `Mad Max 4: Fury Road`.

Just as her boy crop was finally growing out, the 38-year-old actress got to know that she would need to shave her locks for re-shoots of certain scenes in `Mad Max 4: Fury Road`, reported Daily mirror.

"Charlize really didn`t love having a crew cut and was thrilled when it eventually started growing out. It`s now at a great, workable length and she has been proud to show it off," a source said.

"However, early audience tests showed cinema-goers weren`t too impressed with a few scenes, so the director and writers have re-grouped and made some important changes," the source added.
The actress, who is bound to get the hair cut, is expected to undergo gruelling workouts.

"Charlize is obviously contractually obliged to go along with any re-workings of the film, and will soon be shaving off her hair once again. She is devastated. It also means a few more gruelling workouts to rehab the athletic physique she had over a year ago," the source said.

Theron will have to return to Namibia with her co-stars Tom Hardy and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to reprise her role as in the action flick.

The 1979 original movie, famed for launching Mel Gibson`s career, was criticised at the time for its graphic scenes of violence.