Charlize Theron is the face of Dior watches

Updated: Jun 11, 2011, 09:00 AM IST

London: Hollywood actress Charlize Theron is all set to be the face of the Dior VIII watch collection.

The 35-year-old star, who has previously served as the representative for the French brand J`adore`s fragrance collection - did not hesitate when she was asked to work with
Dior because she saw how "good looking" the watch was.

"To work with them was a no-brainer and when I saw the product I was like, `That is a good looking watch!`," she said.

However, the Oscar-winning beauty has not always been a great fan of watches and only recently began to sport the wrist accessory because she "missed" it, reported a website.

"I didn`t even wear a watch for like 10 years and only two years ago did I start wearing one again. I really missed it as a piece of jewellery," she said.

Theron also said that she had never come to terms with seeing billboards with her face on them.

"How is that normal? It`s always incredibly bizarre. It`s like an out of body experience in many ways. I`m very proud of it, but it`s very awkward to look at yourself like
that," she said.