Cheryl`s £1k-a-day lifestyle revealed

London: Girls Aloud member Cheryl Tweedy has been revealed to be living a lifestyle that costs her 1,032.91 pounds a day.

Being in the spotlight, Tweedy, 26, has to ensure that she looks good, and in order to do so she has to spend money on designer clothes, bags, shoes and make-up, which adds up to 377,010 pounds a year, the Mirror reported.

A break-up of her expenses shows that she spends 40,000 pounds per year or 109.59 pounds per day on the two stylists she employs during the X Factor show, with the same amount going to her make-up artist.

She spends 250,000 pounds per year or 684.93 pounds per day on clothes, shoes and designer handbags, and to ensure her teeth stay sparkling white she spends 10,000 pounds per year or 27.40 pounds per day.

She keeps her nails in tiptop condition by spending 2,600 pounds per year or 7.12 pounds per day on them, and in order to enjoy a smoke, she spends 2,190 pounds per year or 6 pounds per day.

An activity she often enjoys doing is eating out, and she spends 10,400 pounds per year or 28.49 pounds per day visiting London’s top restaurants.

And to relax after all the hard work she has been doing, she spends 15,000 pounds per year or 41.10 pounds per day on holidays.

In order to keep her skin glowing she spends 1,820 pounds per year or 4.99 pounds per day on getting a fake tan, and to give her hair a natural looking boost she spends 5,000 pounds per year or 13.70 pounds per day using expensive extensions.



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