Clooney was worried for ‘masculinity’ with khakis and Hawaiian shirts look

New York: George Clooney was worried that his khakis-and-Hawaiian-shirts wardrobe in ‘The Descendants’ ruined his masculinity.

In the movie, the actor looks considerably less dapper than usual. Not only is his hair far grayer than in real life, his character’s clothing choices are downright suburban.

“I know! Yeah, that was almost ending all masculinity,” the New York Post quoted Clooney as telling the website Celebuzz at the Critics Choice Awards.

“The minute you pull the khakis up about there, and the Hawaiian shirt tucked in to down there… It will change the way I live, unfortunately,” he said.

Luckily, the ‘dad’ wardrobe in the movie has not sullied his playboy reputation. Last night, he beat out friend Brad Pitt for Best Actor at the Critics Choice Awards.

Meanwhile, his new relationship with Stacey Keibler appears to be going full-steam ahead. The pair has travelled together to the Mexican resort town of Cabo San Lucas three times in a span of two months.